MOP 2007
MOP 2007 Invited Speaker List

The following speakers have been invited to talk about these topics:

  • Fran Bagenal - New Horizons Exploration of the Jovian Magnetotail
  • John Clarke - The HST Auroral Observing Campaign of Saturn and Jupiter
  • Andrew Coates - Negative Ions in Titan's Upper Atmosphere: Status of observations and theory
  • Alison Farmer - Saturn's Spin Periodicity controversy: Recommendations for future work
  • Jean-Claude Gerard - The auroral footprint signatures of satellites on Jupiter
  • Caitriona Jackman - The Interaction of the Solar Wind with Saturn's Magnetosphere
  • Norbert Krupp - Review of Plasma Dynamics in the Magnetospheres of Jupiter and Saturn
  • Bill Kurth - On the Rotation Period of Saturn
  • Barry Mauk - The Role of Dynamic Injections in the Transport of Plasmas in Outer Planet Magnetospheres: Observational evidence
  • Don Mitchell - Energetic Ion Precipitation in Titan's Upper Atmosphere
  • Jonathan Nichols - The Jupiter Solar Wind Interaction
  • Nico Schilling - Review of Magnetosphere Interactions with Icy Satellites and their Neutral Atmospheres
  • David Southwood - Rotational Phenomena and the Saturnian Magnetic Field: Internal and external interaction
  • Richard Thorne - Particle Acceleration In Magnetospheres
  • Vytenis Vasyliunas - Magnetospheric Convection on Closed Field Lines in Planetary Magnetospheres

  • Abstract Submission (Due 13 April 2007)     Registration (Due 4 May 2007)
    Historic Menger Hotel (Reserve by 30 May 2007)    

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