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Kurt's Restaurant Recommendations (Map)


By proximity:

  • Menger Hotel Restaurant
  • River Center Mall
  • Fuddruckers
  • Emily Rose
  • Sushi
  • Sandbar Seafood
  • The Vault
  • Johnny Rockets


  • Acenar/Citrus
  • Bohannans' Steak House
  • Azuca
  • Le Rev (best French Restaurant)
  • Boudros River Walk
  • Zuni Grill (best people watching)
  • Paesanos River Walk
  • Green (yes, we have an all vegetarian restaurant in Texas!)
  • Pesca River Walk
  • Mad Dog British Pub River Walk
  • Liberty Bar

    Kurt's Cafe/Coffee Shop Recommendations:

  • Sip (sleek, mod italian style)
  • Rutamaya (nice Austin style veggie options here)
  • On the Go
  • Starbucks (River Center Mall, River Walk and adjacent music store cafe)
  • Madhatters Tea and Sandwich Shop (trolley/bus)
  • Candelight Coffee Shop (drive)

    Kurt's Night Life Recommendations (Map)

  • Zinc
  • Medusa
  • Zen Bar (check out the unique bathroom; dress code)
  • Swigs (Martini and Cigar Bar)
  • Nelly O'Brian's Irish Pub
  • Beethoven's Beer Garden
  • Blue Star Pub
  • Rutamaya Cafe
  • The Davenport
  • Hotel Valencia Bar
  • Logan's Pool House (Tatooed locals with good, extra cheap beer)
  • Pat O'Brians
  • Bond's 007 Rock Bar (Tatooed locals playing metal as loud as can be)
  • Club Rive (Typical Dance club)
  • The Bonham Exchange (Atypical Dance Club)

    Entertainment Guide

  • Abstract Submission (Due 13 April 2007)     Registration (Due 4 May 2007)
    Historic Menger Hotel (Reserve by 30 May 2007)    

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